After looking for a new way to sculpt my lower abs, I came across this weird program…

To be completely honest, at first it sounded too good to be true.  With all the running around I do these days and as life moves around at a blinding speed, I’ve had little time to get myself to the gym.

I took the plunge and tried this new program called Truth About Abs.

In case you aren’t familiar with this revolutionary program, “TAA” as it’s incredibly large fan base calls it, is a program that allows you to get rid of the time consuming and worthless cardio sessions at the gym and replace it with something that actually works

Less time spent away from the ones I love and also get a flat, ripped stomach sounded like JUST what I needed.  You have to watch this video to see for yourself –

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If getting a 6 pack is what you’re after, then watch that video… it won’t be up for long and will be some of the best advice you can get on getting a lean flat stomach.

It’s pretty common to hear that many people believe that in order to lose belly fat, you need to do a bunch of lower ab exercises.

Everyone has different degrees of fat within the midsection, but the way to remove what you don’t want doesn’t have to confuse you!

Let me be the one to tell you… There is NO magic combination of stomach exercises that will make you burn that extra fat around your stomach faster.

When You’re Doing Ab Workouts, You’re NOT Burning The Fat From Your Midsection.

The only thing you’re doing when you do any kind of abdominal exercises are toning up the muscles that lie UNDERNEATH the excess fat.

To really target those lower abdominal muscles, you need to follow a workout that will trigger a fat burning response from that training.

Just simply doing cardio workouts on a treadmill or walking a mile a day won’t cut it either.

You need a well rounded fitness program that will focus on your whole body.  High intensity training is what you need to focus your time and energy on.

This kind of training along with a well balanced diet IS the secret to letting those abs shine through.

So put simply, just by doing a bunch of “bicycle kicks” and “incline crunches” aren’t going to get you any closer to your fitness goal than eating a whole tub of ice cream!

Do not waste any more of your time by doing hundreds of sit-ups believing this is the thing you need to do to decrease the fat in your midsection.


Please write this down and put it somewhere you can see it EVERY day until you have it memorized…

Stomach Exercises Are Not Necessary To Lose Abdominal Fat

A smarter way for a healthy and balanced lifestyle is to incorporate full body resistance training.  When you do these kinds of workouts your abs are also getting a great workout simply because your abs are used to stabilize your body in many of the exercises.

Trying to to find good information on the Internet about lower ab exercises can sometimes be a challenge. In fact, trying to perform lower ab exercises can be a challenge as well. That is why we have written this article, so we can help you navigate to the best exercises that can give you rock hard abs.

The most important aspect to understand is that simply working the lower ab muscles will not give you a six pack. The only way to get a ripped stomach is to follow proper eating habits. You can do hundreds of crunches per day but if you do not eat correctly, then those beautiful ab muscles will be covered with a layer of fat. This is a fact that many people try to keep a secret because they may not sell many ab books. However, a real book about abs will be truthful and and tell you that you need both diet and exercise to get the ab muscles that you desire.

Effective Lower Ab Exercises

One of the best exercises for the lower abs is the alternating supine light walk. To perform this exercise, you start off on your back on a moderately hard surface with your palms facing down  with your hands close to your buttocks under your back. To begin this exercise, slowly lift your legs 1 at a time.

The range of motion is up to you on this exercise. In order to get the most benefit to from the alternating supine leg walk, you want to make sure that your abdominal muscles are contracting the entire time. Be sure to life 1 leg at a time so you create a walking motion. This will indeed give your abs more than they bargained for.

Also you can bring your leg up so the ball of your heel is facing the ceiling.At this point in the range of motion of this exercise your abs will not contracting as much as they will at the 45° mark of this exercise. Be sure to experiment and see how long you can keep your ab muscles contracting. This will help you get better gains and will help your lower abdomen develop more fully. This is one of the hardest lower ab exercises that you can perform.

Reverse Crunches

A reverse crunch is one of the second best lower ab exercises that you can perform. In order to get into position for this exercise you need to lie on your back with your hands under your buttocks just like they were for the leg walks. From here, slightly lift your legs and then try to bring your knees slowly to your chest. The key to this movement is to move slow so your ab muscles will continue to stay contracted. While your knees are close to your chest be sure to squeeze the abdominal muscles for extra contraction and workload.

Tradition Leg Lifts

Another addition to our lower ab exercises are the traditional leg lifts. For traditional leg lifts you will need to start out in the same position as we did in the reverse crunch. This movement is very similar to the supine leg walk. The only difference is that you will be lifting up both of your legs at the same time until your heels are almost facing the ceiling. If you are not able to get your legs all the way vertical, then try a 45° angle, which will help the contraction of the abdominal muscles.

For each of these lower ab exercises, be sure to perform at least two or three sets of 10 to 15 reps. Also, be sure not to swing your legs because it can cause additional strain on the lumbar muscles. And this is not something that you want. Remember, in order to get a lean body it is important to eat correctly. Once you have your diet down, then your efforts from lower ab exercises will begin to show themselves as your body begins to transform right in front of your eyes.

There’s nothing better than being in shape, all lower ab exercises will train your core to the point where you will notice the strength increase in almost every one of your lifts. If you notice, the next time you train, place your hand on your stomach and you will see that your abdominal muscles are contracting for almost every movement.

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Lower Ab Exercises Will NOT Make Your Stomach Shrink

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