Best Stomach Exercise Machines: We are bombarded with those commercials of great looking guys with washboard abs and young girls with flat, sexy stomachs and trim waists, but how did they get those? They worked for them!

There are many ab exercise machines on the market but how well they work is often up to the user, and how hard they worked to make the stomach exercise machines work. No machine can create magic, if not used or properly used. Following are some that were highly rated as the best stomach exercise machinesthat could be found in homes or even gyms.

The best stomach workout is undoubtedly the plank, a floor exercise that does not require any equipment. Thus, the heavy competition among fitness equipment manufacturers to deliver the best stomach exercise machines which would not only eliminate strain but also deliver so much more.

It was also discovered that six of the top seven rated ab stomach machines are really copycats of each other. They are the Ab Roller Plus, Ab Coach, Ab Toner, Body Shaping Ab Blaster Plus, Weider Ab Shaper and Ab Sculptor.

The fact that these stomach exercise machines are so similar is that they are working on targeting the same stomach muscles and motion to achieve the rocking and rolling motion. The seventh in the best stomach exercise machines category, is made by Nordic called the Ab Works.

It is designed to simulate the reverse crunch exercise, and is considered a substantial, quality piece of equipment that would be found in many fitness clubs.

The research also indicated that these best stomach exercise machines did work to promoting flatter stomachs with effort and a good routine. It was also noted that they did provide the extra support many claimed, but said with a little more flair.

As to ripped abs, they probably would not, because it generally requires 15 to 20 minutes daily of high intensity ab exercises to develop the great abs seen on many male models.

What these machines did deliver? For some reason, more but faith into a building a fitter body if a machine help them achieve it, versus the good old fashioned way. It is true that these exercise machines did encourage people to work longer and maybe harder as they did have the support provided.

Many of these ab exercise machines are inexpensive, include videos and good information which also cannot hurt in making us aware of the benefits of exercise.

Best Stomach Exercise Equipment

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