The holiday is fast approaching. By now many are thinking of all the possible ways they could have the most memorable time during the season. In festivities like this, there will always be a lot of drinking and eating. Though many enjoy the sumptuous meals throughout the period, many also suffer the health consequences of unhealthy consumption choices. Many would then again turn to exercise to trade off the excess fats that they accumulate during these days. A great way to maximize the benefits of such a diversion is to bring the best water bottles for gym.

This may sound to be a fairly easy thing to do, but the truth is, many just seem to ignore this basic fact. As a result, many would be spending more on medication that they have spent every holiday season. We hear an increasing number of people with kidney stones each year or have other health issues, and we also hear experts reminding us of the benefits of getting enough water every day to keep your body healthy and sickness-free. Still many opt to limit their water intake for so many reasons.

Perhaps you have also been working out or are planning to do regular exercises sometime soon. Take note that you will never achieve the most benefits from your effort if you drain your body while over exert it to finish your exercise routine. If you bring the best water bottles for gym, for sure, this would be your least concern. It is quite perplexing to see exercise enthusiasts releasing so much body water while exercising yet they would rather wait until the workout is done to hydrate.

If you are one of those who do this, don’t you think that you are in effect demanding too much from your body. Instead of making it healthier, you are actually allowing it to suffer slowly. If you would rather wait until you are already thirsty to take a sip, you should remember that by that time your body has already lost about 2 to 3 percent of its body weight. By then, you are already dehydrated. If you keep on ignoring the signals that your body is sending while you are continuously losing body water, you are, in essence, giving your body a beating with dehydration.

How do you lose water?

As 60% of your body is made of water and it uses these water every millisecond to perform all body functions, you will need to constantly replace whatever you lost by drinking enough water at regular intervals. Remember that I’m referring to a healthy adult body here. Younger people need more water to take as they are constantly moving about and as their body water is generally more than that of an adult, as well as those who have a special medical condition, such as pregnant and lactating women and those who are taking medications.

Take note that you lose several cups of water every day just by breathing throughout the day. You also lose water when you sweat, urinate, defecate. Even almost every function within all your body systems uses up the water in your body to facilitate each of these system’s normal functioning. It is so easy to see why your body needs continuous fluid replenishment.

Your body uses water in most of its bodily functions, including the following:

  • Lubricating the joints. Cartilages that are found in joints and the disks of the spine are made up of about 80 percent water. If you subject your body to dehydration, it can lessen your joints’ shock-absorbing ability and this will cause joint pain later on.
  • It forms saliva and mucus that the body needs for digestion. These also keep your face, mouth, as well as your eyes moist. Can you just imagine speaking without saliva keeping it easier for you to articulate? Or how can you keep your eyes glued to the screen of your mobile phone or any other device while reading through this post when your eyes are constantly itching or painful because there is no water that can prevent friction in all the other parts in them?
  • Water delivers oxygen throughout the body. For sure, you are well aware that without oxygen, you will die in seconds. Note that your blood contains about 90 percent of water and that the blood carries oxygen throughout the body, especially your lungs and your brain. Without enough water in the blood, it will thicken. As a result, your heart will be working harder to pump blood to all the parts of the body. You will also find it difficult for you to breathe, think, and concentrate.
  • Sufficient water intake will keep your skin clear, clean, and healthy. If you constantly experience dry lips and mouth, wrinkly skin, unhealthy looking nails, and hair. Remember that when you are constantly dehydrated, you will also be at a greater risk of having skin problems. Water flushes out the toxins from your body and also improves circulation aside from keeping the skin firm.
  • Water regulates body temperature. When your body is constantly supplied with sufficient water, it will be easy for it to tolerate heat strains. Otherwise, the body’s heat storage will increase, making it difficult for the body to tolerate heat stress when it happens.
  • Water helps maintain your blood pressure. When there is not enough water in your body, your will become thicker and this will cause your blood pressure to rise.
  • Your airways need water. Dehydration restricts the airways as the body needs to minimize water loss. If you have allergies and asthma, your condition will get worse as a result of insufficient water intake. Limited water consumption can trigger dry coughs, bronchitis, nosebleeds, constant sneezing, sinus pressure, and headaches and many other health issues.
  • Sufficient water intake help boost performance during exercise. Several studies reveal that dehydration reduces performance in activities that last longer than 30 minutes.


As you can see, there are a lot of benefits of drinking enough water. To help fuel your performance when you are exercising, as well as allow your body to remove the body toxins efficiently, drink sufficient water regularly.

Benefits of Drinking Water When Exercising

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